Bio-Resonant scanning via DNA samples with a frequency transmission session to focus on correcting inappropriate frequencies from the level of DNA up to organs, glands, chakra and other energy centers. 

One can also opt for 24/7 NLS scanning and frequency correction.

The services listed above, can be provided remotely and with internet video and audio conferencing. The services listed below are provided locally in the country of Ecuador.

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sound therapies

many different sound therapies can be employed. from Healtones to application of specific low range frequencies modulated with light to enhance outcome, to solfeggio frequencies as music and pure tone tuning forks, and more.

bach flower essences

all imbalances in the body are triggered and/or exacerbated by emotional disturbances. different flower essences effect different aspects of your emotional body. approach your healing journey with a simple strategy of applying the appropriate flower essences, and observing the changes over time. you can do this therapy alone. or, it can be a great adjunct to other therapies.

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"I have a background in Detoxification, Light, Sound and Color therapies, Hands-On and Distant Healing (Quantum Touch), Reflexology and more.

With the ability to view the entire acupuncture and chakra systems in real time, eliciting health benefits is a reality."
Gary Pfeffer
Detox/Light/Quantum Touch Specialist

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