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You must understand that your body does not use protein for energy. It is only the adrenaline or epinephrine in meat that is energetic. This is a problem in that your adrenal glands are supposed to supply your body with adrenaline, when needed, for nerve function.

When you eat meat, you eat the animal’s own hormones and steroids, which then weakens your body’s glands as they drastically decrease their own production of them. The neurotransmitters in meat are responsible for the loss of function of your adrenal glands. Most of the population has weak adrenal glands.

The protein in meat causes the liver to create large amounts of cholesterol which plaques throughout the body, concentrating in the vascular system, liver, and kidneys. This leads to stones that will form in the liver and gallbladder.

“Marketing makes you think you need protein. The reality is that humans need AMINO ACIDS, which will then form enzymes (proteins), hormones (proteins), neurotransmitters (proteins), and build muscle.

Proteins are made through the consumption of amino acids. Eating an already formed protein is backwards because now your body has to exhaust energy to break it down and re-form it into usable protein.”

                           – Dr. Kevin Reese

The number of amino acids (protein) that we have been told to consume far exceeds what the body actually needs. No one in the Western world has ever gone to a doctor because of a protein deficiency.

Meat is a stimulant that is irritating and inflammatory to our tissues. Stimulants create inflammation in the body, as most of them are acidic and heat-producing, thus initiating an immune response. The adrenaline in meat can give you a temporary feeling of energy, only to make you more fatigued afterward.

Eating meat creates mucus which contributes to the chronic, stagnant constipation of the body’s lymphatic system.

Meat is acid-forming which causes inflammation and tissue breakdown.

Meat decreases the liver’s ability to create bile.

Why are so many (especially men) on dialysis in this country today? Excess protein from meat consumption is responsible for kidney failure.

Your body is not a refrigerator, so meat instantly starts to rot once it gets inside your body. Animal proteins putrefy in the body causing body odor. Putrefaction causes a cesspool of toxins to build up in the intestines and in the tissues around and within the cells. This creates a base for parasites to grow and the acidity creates inflammation which blocks cellular respiration, eventually causing cellular death.

Animal protein diets contain excessive amounts of epinephrine (adrenaline), thereby creating aggression, anger, and adrenal fatigue. If you aren’t expressing this anger and aggression it is stored in your liver.

Meat-eating leads to high blood pressure from sodium retention and lipid coagulation.

High protein diets lower manganese levels resulting in spasms, convulsions, neurotransmitter issues and neuromuscular problems, Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Meat is full of dead blood cells (hemoglobin) which are full of iron. Iron is a mineral if consumed in abundance can become toxic, especially non-plant iron. Iron toxicity decreases chromium, decreases zinc, damages the liver, pancreatic and kidney tissue, lowers calcium and calcium absorption and utilization, increases sodium levels creating edema and increases nitrogen and phosphorus levels, thus creating acidosis.

Meat stimulates, irritates and inflames the sexual organs, especially the prostate gland and leads to prostatitis.

Protein is a nitrogen compound, high in phosphorus and in large amounts depletes calcium and electrolytes from the body.

Today’s animal meat is full of antibiotics, high levels of adrenaline, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides, nuclear wastes and other toxic chemicals from air and ground pollution which accumulate in the human body.

High protein diets cause dizziness, equilibrium and spastic conditions by decreasing manganese levels.

Meat has been proven to cause intestinal cancer. It is suspected in liver and pancreatic cancers, as well. The cesspool of putrefaction that builds up in the lymphatic system is potentially and probably the starting cause of lymphomas.

Meat-eating with vitamin C supplementation enhances iron absorption, thereby magnifying iron toxicity.

Meat-eating is known to be one of the chief and most direct causes of tooth decay.

Proteins are not used as fuel by the body; they are building blocks and carriers. When you try to lose weight by burning proteins for fuel, this causes fat breakdown. However, it also causes tissue breakdown, destroying kidney, liver and pancreatic tissue.

Proteins are highly acid-forming lowering the pH balance of the body. This causes inflammation and tissue weakness, leading to tissue death.

Meat is nothing more than dead or dying cells living in their own cesspool of stagnant, putrefying blood.

These are just a few examples of why high animal protein diets are destroying the human race. Wake up and enjoy life without animal products. Your body will love you for it as it becomes odor-free and vibrant.

Love your planet and its animals, too.1)Some info extracted from THE DETOX MIRACLE SOURCEBOOK by Robert Morse

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1. Some info extracted from THE DETOX MIRACLE SOURCEBOOK by Robert Morse

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