New Rife Equipment available for use

Energetic Modalities is acquiring a complete set of Rife, BioFeedback Scanners, Generators, Plasma Tubes, Remote DNA broadcasters.

The protocols that we use, have been demonstrated to be very effective. If you, or someone you know, is interested in experimenting with this equipment in regards to Cancers, Lymes, or any other significant chronic/degenerative condition, please contact us using the subject: Experimental Frequency Therapy on the form below.

The intended experimental protocol will involve the following:

  • BioEnergetic Scan (periodic, to observe changes)
  • Rife Biofeedback Scan (to create custom-tailored frequency program)
  • Health Status Survey (written, to create custom-tailored protocols)
  • Iridology Photos (periodic, if subject desires a long term detoxification program)
  • Live Blood Photos (periodic, to observe changes)
  • Weekly sessions locally with frequency protocols using Plasma, Cold Laser & Tens Pads
  • 24/7 Frequency transmission via Remote DNA transmitters
  • Spectrochrome Light Therapy or Syntonics Therapy (daily, at home)
  • Weekly (optional daily) LED sessions locally, if deemed applicable
  • Weekly or daily ColorPuncture sessions, if deemed applicable

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