Why Did I Catch That Cold!?

The art of achieving optimal health and longevity has nothing to do with nutrition and everything to do with removing obstructions.
Let me explain.
  • The flu-bug you caught… or,
  • The mysterious rare virus that invaded your friend’s heart… or,
  • The pneumonia that overtook your elderly mom or dad…
Did not, by any stretch of the imagination, happen because of a lack of nutrition.

The reality of this phenomenon is that it is caused by the lifelong accumulation of lymphatic obstructions in our bodies. When our lymphatic systems are unobstructed, the parasites, viruses, and bacteria that we come in contact with are able to flow freely through our bodies‘ drainage systems. And then, out of our urinary tract. The flu-bugs, viruses, ingested parasites… all simply flow out of the drainage (lymphatic) system.

But, when the lymphatic system is obstructed… from a life of inappropriate foods… those parasites, viruses, and bacteria will not just flush out of your body. In fact, the lifelong act of accumulating these obstructions (in other words, “congesting your lymphatic system”), has created a home… a breeding ground… for these microorganisms. They breed and multiply because they have an environment that they can thrive in.

Just about every type of parasite, virus, and bacterium are passing through all of us… all of the time.
  • why did Suzy catch the cold, and
  • Why did you get the heart virus? 
  • why not visa-versa? Suzy with a heart virus and you with a cold?

Why are each of us not catching everything!?

The answer lies in this question… “Where is each person’s obstructions the heaviest?”. The location of your obstructions is where your ill manifestations will show.
Let’s expand this concept beyond “direct microbial infections”, and ask…
  • “Why did mom or dad get Alzheimer’s?” Or,
  • “Why did mom or dad get a particular type of cancer?”.
The real question to ask is…
“Where are mom or dad‘s obstructions the heaviest?”
Again… I can’t emphasize this enough. Restoring health… and, reaching a state of “optimal health and longevity” has zero to do with nutrition and everything to do with removing obstructions… both, lymphatic and digestive.
Now… I know. All of us can site crazy examples of people living long lives while doing egregiously unhealthy things.


Jeanne Calment

Jeanne Calment (living for 122 years) who smoked cigarettes (starting at age 21), drank port wine, and ate a couple of pounds of chocolate a week until she was 119 years old.1) http://anson.ucdavis.edu/~wang/calment.html

“Although blind, almost deaf and confined to a wheelchair, Calment remained spirited and mentally sharp until the end.”2)http://anson.ucdavis.edu/~wang/calment.html

Here, even with her age, there was degeneration. While she was “spirited and sharp to the end“, organs obviously failed. The same question must be asked… “where are the obstructions?“. Her “glymphatic” system (the recently discovered lymphatic system of the head) certainly had a great deal of obstruction. Her neurological and musculoskeletal systems certainly had obstructions as well.

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Jeanne Calment
Jeanne Calment
George Burns
George Burns

George Burns

George Burns  (living to just over 100 years) notoriously always had a cigar in his hand. He had heart issues and surgery later in life. While elderly persons are considered to die of natural causes, they are actually dying from some form of degeneration or other. These organ failures are the areas where lymphatic congestion was prevailing.

Now, don’t take this as carte blanche to gorge on booze, chocolate, and cigarettes (if only it worked that way… LOL). These people had something going on with their lifestyle and a very strong genetic constitution. But when they finally passed… it, too, was from obstructions… the fundamental and only real complication.

For most people (probably not having the strong genetic constitution of these long-lived exceptions), the obstructions catch up to us much sooner. Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Neurological Diseases and more, all run rampant. And, the addition of pharmaceutical interventions are only making matters worse. We experience obstructions, upon more obstructions, as we go through life… never changing our lifestyle…

the definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”

           — Einstein

All of the medical industry’s common and mysterious disease names have exactly the same root cause… “obstructions“… obstructions of the lymphatic and digestive systems.

When you remove the obstructions you remove the disease names.

But, don’t wait too long to start removing the obstructions. There is a point of no return. And, you cannot successfully gauge how far you can push your current obstructive lifestyle.

The longer you wait the more uncomfortable and challenging the restoration of health becomes.

Make no mistake… removing obstructions is the only way to optimal health and longevity. They (the obstructions) aren’t supposed to be there. And, their removal is essential to allowing your physical body to function optimally.

The quick-fix drugs are all synthetics (even though they are derived in some way from nature) and they create obstructions of their own. The temporary fix virtually always requires more drugs to fix drug-induced problems (they like to call the drug-induced problems side-effects). Chemically forcing biological actions without addressing the underlying cause (obstructions) simply leads to more complications, a horrible “suffering” and “degenerative” lifestyle, and usually a bitter end.

The so-called alternative supplements, while great adjuncts to use in the process of removing obstructions, cannot be used as a magic-bullet on a full-time basis without creating other imbalances in the body.

For example, there are two quite common supplements, that when taken together, daily, will remove plaque safely in just a month or two.., even if someone has a carotid artery in need of surgery… or told they need a 5-way bypass. This is an awesome adjunct therapy while you embark on lifestyle changes to elicit the removal of obstructions. Unfortunately, consistent consumption of isolated substances cause imbalances in the system and lead to their own sets of problems. And, you really have not addressed the root cause (obstructions). You are still shoveling in foods on a regular basis that are creating obstructions and will cause problems elsewhere, outside the domain of the magic bullet.

If you don’t remove the obstructions, you still have the potential for the colds, flus, Alzheimer’s, cancers, and every other disease name that simply describes, “obstructions”. And, something is going to get you.

So, Join Me

I started this “detox” process, mildly, once before. I was on top of the world. Six chronic illnesses gone in six weeks. I maintained the lifestyle for close to a decade. And, then, I thought I could go back to my old lifestyle and stay healthy. But, it doesn’t work that way. The lifestyle must be such that you do not build or rebuild obstructions… ever.

I have embarked on the detox lifestyle again. I know how to do it. It is time… not just for me. Current civilization is going to hell in a hand basket. It is time for everyone to understand this concept of “obstruction removal” (detoxification).

Since I have restarted this process, the lost energy is coming back (I didn’t realize just how much I lost)… the dangerous symptoms, that had returned are dissipating again. It is good to know that this is achievable for me and everyone else as well.

If you would like coaching and/or education on this needed lifestyle change, we can speak one on one about it. I will provide this service in my Private Member Association called Energetic Modalities, PMA.. Feel free to join, and set up a consultation today.

You can join at the link below. After you join, just set an appointment on the appointment page.

Don’t wait. Every “bite” of your current lifestyle is further compounding your current and future dilemmas.

Gary Pfeffer

President and Trustee – Energetic Modalities, PMA



With 30 years in Programming and Administration, I decided to make a change in careers. While on that path, I found incredible revelations in obtaining Optimal Health and Longevity. I have since become certified in Quantum Touch Healing and Detoxification. I have also discovered the incredible healing capacity of frequencies ranging from audio, to light, to RF (radio frequency), to Biophoton (the subtle light emitted from each and every cell). So many fields that work, but there really isn't certification programs for them, as the mainstream does not want working solutions to be available. It would destroy the pharmaceutical illusion that has been carefully crafted for the sake of profit. Such techniques as SpectroChrome, Syntonics, BioEnergetics, EFT (emotional freedom technique), LBA (live blood analysis), ColorPuncture, Reflexology, Iridology, and RIFE Frequency Application all are profoundly helpful in restorative health. Many have no certification programs, and many have certification programs that aren't highly respected. As I said, the mainstream does not want to promote diagnostics, techniques, and protocols that actually assist in true healing. That would eliminate the need for drugs and surgery. My life is dedicated to helping people employ detoxification and all of the above adjunct therapies and feedback techniques, as well as any others that I find to be useful.

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