Radiation and Influenza

The majority of the population has not a clue just how detrimental EMF and RF are to all life on the planet.

When 3G came out, I would explain to people that each iteration of #G is a higher output of microwave and that at some point, we would literally be cooking ourselves. My example would make reference to “10G. What will happen when we are at 10G? We may be fried.

But, 5G took a massive turn for the worse. We have reached a point that it is already not sustainable. Unless the idea of promoting degeneration and death sounds appealing to you.

That which has been hidden from the population is the fact that any level of radiation that is not in the natural environment causes immediate and major harm to life.

For example, prior to electricity being installed in homes (you know… the power outlets and lights and so forth), “influenza” was not a “thing”. We didn’t think we were “catching” something that was going around. We just weren’t having those types of illnesses. We weren’t always suffering from “colds”. This anomaly came with electricity.

With each new RF (radio frequency) technology that was introduced worldwide, greater levels of suffering ensued. For example, the 1918 Spanish Flu, was preceded by a massive roll-out of Radio Wave towers beaming RF across the planet, bouncing off the atmosphere and affecting everyone. Many people could not survive this new radiation… And it was called an “influenza” and inappropriately treated as such. Big Pharma took advantage of the world population’s ignorance to the cause and sold millions upon millions of vaccines that only further increased the death count as a series of 12 different live viruses were being injected into the world population at a time when they were already battling a new enemy (radiation). Just because you don’t see it, does not mean it isn’t hurting you.

5G is by magnitudes more harmful than 4G. But, the reality is that all of the RF with which we are being bombarded has been causing extreme degeneration and harm to life on earth over the many years. 5G is a massive insult, and perhaps the last straw. The sickness and death that will ensue, as all of these satellites go up, and all these towers are turned on will be unprecedented.

And, while this is happening, The Pharmaceutical industry will once again take advantage of the population’s ignorance of the damages caused by such an intense level of radiation. This time with an agenda to mandate vaccines to 7 billion human beings. Considering the track record of damages and deaths from every vaccine that has ever been released… And, considering the extreme level of output of damaging radiation that is in progress and increasing rapidly, we will see a level of death that the world has never experienced… Not in recorded history, anyway.

It is theorized that there have been many mass extinctions on this planet. And, we are possibly about to experience one of those mass extinctions. Obviously, not everyone will die. They never do.

But, given all of the factors involved, and the fact that the corporations and those running the corporations are fully aware of the damages that will ensue… And, given that they fully intend to profit from this demise, and take control of the remaining population, we are about to experience the most massive genocide in recorded history.


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