bio-energetic scanning and analysis

The most advanced biofeedback imaging system

What is the biopulsar-reflexograph?

The word biofeedback is an indication for biological control mechanisms. It is composed by the Greek word bio = life, life processes and by the English word feedback = reaction.

Reflex zones or somatotypes (derived from the Greek words soma = body and topos = place, location, area) are areas on the skin surface, which have connections to the internal organs and body structures.

For over a thousand years Western and Eastern cultures have applied the knowledge of reflex zones in diagnosis and therapy.

Indian and Chinese holistic healing sciences assume that the hand reflex zones are not only connected to the organs but also to the consciousness, the meridians, the energetic field (aura) and the chakras of a person.


The interpretation of the energetic situation of a reflex zone serves for observation/analysis and therapy of the regulating state of the internal organs in the psyche.

biofeedback scanning

Biofeedback scanning can be used as an accurate replacement for kinesiology.

We can monitor the subject in real-time while he/she holds specific supplements, or experiences specific sound or light frequencies. And, determine how the modalities will affect the subject.

We can also see, in real time, the effects of specific thoughts that the subject thinks. This gives the subject an opportunity to work with these emotional issues with techniques such as EFT (emotional freedom technique) , a system of acupuncture points to be tapped while experiencing the traumatic thoughts.

The biopulsar-reflexograph biofeedback system is based on the latest computer technology combined with the ancient scientific basis of reflex zones and meridians. The hand sensor is a receiver for high-resolution biomedical signals, which are taken every 500 ms from the reflex zones of the palm.


Once the hand is placed on the sensor board, the specific biofeedback parameters are measured on each reflex zone – in real-time with raster scan.

The software, together with the hand scanner, offer a multitude of therapeutic modalities to be employed by the practitioner.

this biopulsar scan can only be performed in Cuenca, Ecuador.
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