The Biopulsar system is a biofeedback tool that gives concise data and objective interpretations of the bioenergetic information for 45 organs and body parts, the full body colour electromagnetic field and seven major energy centres. Accessing the “real-time” energetic information in a few different formats allows the practitioner/therapist to instantly analyze the patient/client on a holistic level–not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

`Bio-Energetic Scan

This NEW ENERGY MEDICINE TECHNOLOGY generates complete psychological profiles, which fully reveals the role of a patient’s color-coded psychology in their health condition, and provides a detailed and technical level of information, which trained interpreters can use as a factor in their professional decisions as a holistic practitioner.

The Biopulsar technology accurately identifies thousands of colors, giving it the maximum possible usefulness for detailed and exact biofield analysis. The Biopulsar is the first biofeedback imaging technology that can create full color bio-energy of the full human body electromagnetic energy field utilizing the information from over 140 measuring stations. In turn, the system then displays the vitality of 45 body parts including 8 brain parameters.

Formats illustrated on-screen include organ graphs, color analysis of the reflex zones, full & half body biofield pictures and chakra analysis.

The Biopulsar is not merely a device or product. It is a method or process, which was developed using proven sciences and integrated with an intricate system of calculations and formulae, and tested with medical knowledge, and intuitive and clairvoyant abilities–showing over 90% of the true full-body aura. The system itself was created using proven biofeedback technology, including skin resistance measurements, and integrated into a computer system that performs a technical process to generate color images and interpretations. The scientific principles of this process took years to accumulate through testing.