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a word about meat…

You must understand that your body does not use protein for energy. It is only the adrenaline or epinephrine in meat that is energetic. This is a problem in that your adrenal glands are supposed to supply your body with adrenaline, when needed, for nerve function. When you eat meat, you eat the animal’s own


SEEKING EXPERIMENTERS FOR FREQUENCY EQUIPMENT​ As you know, I am an avid proponent of energy and vibrational medicine. I currently have the privilege to acquire and explore the use of a series of equipment that is being perfected for marketing. The equipment is similar to RIFE type equipment and uses cold laser tubes and PEMF

How to Build a Better Culture of Good Health

“I never get angry,” says a character in one of Woody Allen’s movies. “I grow a tumor instead.” Much more scientific truth is captured in that droll remark than many doctors would recognize. Mainstream medical practice largely ignores the role of emotions in the physiological functioning of the human organism. Yet the scientific evidence abundantly