what is frequency therapy

Frequency therapy is the application of frequency that will elicit a change in the subject’s physical, mental and emotional bodies. Frequencies can be of the RIFE concept, which were designed to dis-empower or destroy living micro-organisms. Or, they can be frequencies that stimulate or balance organs, glands or energy centers of the body.

Through the mechanism of bio-feedback we can scan the subject, via a DNA sample, and determine what frequencies would be beneficial for transmission back to the DNA.

DNA targeting

DNA targeting was used before DNA was discovered. Previous cultures would wrap hair, or nails, or blood samples in copper, along with other substances, like herbs, etc. Quantum entanglement would occur between the DNA and the other substance. This gives new meaning to the term, “VOODOO“. Doesn’t it? The modern concept of DNA targeting evolved from military experiments in which human DNA was placed in one room, and the donor in another. Whatever was exposed to the DNA sample, concurrently effected the body of the donor. These experiments were carried out to a distance of 50 feet. And, then the experiments became classified Top-Secret. No more data was forthcoming. 

However, years later, individuals that worked on these projects for the military were tired of weaponizing something that could actually be used for the benefit of mankind. These individuals developed a variety of different types of equipment that could use the fact that every strand of DNA that is yours… is effected, whether it is on planet Pluto, or in your body.

A number of devices are available that can be used to effectively transmit frequencies, homeopathic remedies, supplements, herbs, drugs (not that one would want to do this), etc.. Such devices are:

  • Stargate 1
  • ISHA Black Box
  • Spooky2 Remote
  • Radionics Devices

Each has pros and cons associated with it. So, it is good to be equipped with each type.

Further, in the study of DNA transmission, it was discovered that Polaroid film (which captures both a ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ image in the silver content of the paper) actually held the DNA signature of the person in the photograph. Later, when digital photography came into its own, it was observed (and utilized) that the DNA signature was held in the digital image. Devices such as the DMI (Digital Media Interface) were created, which could be used as a DNA sample replacement in the above listed devices.

bio-feedback for  examination

As stated in the opening section, a bio-feedback device scans a body (or DNA) for a large range of frequencies and then analyzes them, comparing them to a database of reference frequencies of micro-organisms (ie, viruses, bacteria, worms, and other parasites.) and other constituents like metals, minerals, etc.

Spooky2 / Atelier Robins for  DNA remote transmission

Frequency generators like Spooky2-XM and Spooky2-GX and Atelier Robbins F-165 have the capacity to broadcast frequencies to the DNA, which perform a number of functions (i.e, destroy viruses, bacteria and other parasites, increase vitality of body components from organs down to the DNA/RNA level). With the use of such remote devices as the Stargate 1, ISHA Black Box, and Spooky2, These frequencies can be transmitted to a DNA sample and benefit the person no matter where they are on the planet.

effectiveness of remote transmission

Remote transmission generally takes longer (with some exceptions) to effect the body than if one is connected to the source via, plasma, TENS contacts, PEMF coil, or Cold Laser. However, all of these latter methods require one to be tethered to, or limited to a small area for more time than anyone would have patience. Whereas, the remote transmission can be broadcast 24/7. So, while there is seemingly a trade-off, many people that would give up on the local transmissions, would have no problem with the DNA remote transmission as it is happening passively as they go about other activities.


Energetic Modalities has a broad range of products that can be used with DNA remoting. If you would be interested in experimenting with, or taking charge of your health in new ways, then click below to set up a consultation.

The easiest DNA sample you can provide is a digital photo, of greater than 5 megapixel, jpg or bmp format. The photo can not be altered with Photoshop or altered in any other way (ie, if you use Photoshop to smooth out the wrinkles of your skin, this distorts the DNA signature and will not work). It should encompass from the waist to the top of the head. There should be no electrical devices such as lights, cell phones, electrical sockets, wiring in the wall, either behind, in front of, or on the person. A second picture can be taken of a specific area of the body that you wish to target.

If we want to be more all encompassing with DNA samples, you will have the opportunity to mail a combination of fingernails, toenails, hair (pulled so that a follicle is present), drop of blood on cotton ball, saliva on cotton ball (the cotton helps to preserve the DNA for an extended period of time). Placing all of these items in a remote device provides better coverage than any single sample.

To set your appointment you will first be asked to join Energetic Modalities, PMA. This is a private member association that allows us to discuss health matters among ourselves without the intervention of regulating bodies such as HIPPA, state licensing boards, etc. Once a member, you will be asked to fill out an extensive Health Status Survey. The more attention you give to detail, the more benefit it may have on our efforts. When you finally arrive at the Appointment Schedule, choose Experimental Frequency Analysis from the drop-down box.

The fee for this analysis, at the time of this writing, is $150 for a 90 minute session. If we do not use the entire time, then we will use the remaining time at a future date when it is appropriate to our work.

We will start the BFB (bio-feedback) scan during the phone call. But, it is not necessary to maintain the phone call. The phone call will be available to address your questions and concerns, and also the Health Status Survey that you complete during the Private Membership Signup. Any unused time will be available for your use in a later appointment.

When the BFB (bio-feedback) scan completes, we will have list of frequencies to use for transmission to your DNA sample.

With the results of the scan, the Health Status Survey and our discussion, you will be educated as to potential physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional benefit from frequency, light, color, sound, and other therapies if so desired.