holistic education & coaching session
In a typical Holistic Education & Coaching Session, we employ many different tools to examine one's health... For example. BioEnergetic Scanning, Health Status Survey, Iridology, Live Blood Analysis, etc.
health status survey
You will volunteer extensive personal information (on forms) that will provide us with material for a complete education on determining, organ, glandular, systemic, meridian and chakra functionality. This is the key to your selection of modalities and techniques to assist in the core task of removing all of the lymphatic, digestive, and emotional obstructions that will lead to
biopulsar scanning
With this bioenergetic scanner, we measure the output of 43 reflex points of the hand, giving us a complete picture of the organ systems, glands, meridians and chakras energy levels.
Iridology Study
We will photograph your eyes with a special camera rig, and use the photos to show you the relationships between each part of the eye, and its corresponding organ, gland or system. We will teach you, what the different imperfections of the iris means, in relation to the various systems of the body.
live blood analysis
With a small blood sample (a prick of the finger for a single drop), we will observe the current condition of your blood under a microscope. This serves two purposes. It helps you re-evaluate current lifestyle habits to improve upon blood condition. And, also serves as a feedback device. By reviewing blood drops on occasion, you can see the progress of your lifestyle changes.

The Health Status Questionnaire is designed to assist you in determining what organs, glands and/or systems are weak or failing in your body. Symptoms are simply a failure of the cells to function properly, as well as congestion and obstruction in your body’s digestive and lymphatic systems.

An herbal protocol, as well as other adjunct therapies, can be determined from the information that this questionnaire provides.

These therapies will assist you on your journey of removing all the obstructions from your lymphatic and digestive systems. This is called, “Detoxification“.

If you wish for us to assist you on this journey, you can join us and make an appointment for a Holistic Education and Coaching Session, wherein, we will use this questionnaire, any other information that you provide, as well, as BioEnergetic Scanning, Iridology, Live Blood Analysis, and other means of finding your genetic and lifestyle-created weaknesses.