In a typical Holistic Education & Coaching Session, we employ many different tools to examine one’s health… For example. BioEnergetic Scanning, Health Status Survey, Iridology, Live Blood Analysis, etc.

There is a bit of redundancy in findings. But, this only serves to confirm genetic and lifestyle created weaknesses in organ systems, glands, chakras, meridians, and other energy centers.

holistic education & coaching session
In a typical Holistic Education & Coaching Session, we employ many different tools to examine one's health... For example. BioEnergetic Scanning, Health Status Survey, Iridology, Live Blood Analysis, etc.
health status survey
You will volunteer extensive personal information (on forms) that will provide us with material for a complete education on determining, organ, glandular, systemic, meridian and chakra functionality. This is the key to your selection of modalities and techniques to assist in the core task of removing all of the lymphatic, digestive, and emotional obstructions that will lead to
biopulsar scanning
With this bioenergetic scanner, we measure the output of 43 reflex points of the hand, giving us a complete picture of the organ systems, glands, meridians and chakras energy levels.
Iridology Study
We will photograph your eyes with a special camera rig, and use the photos to show you the relationships between each part of the eye, and its corresponding organ, gland or system. We will teach you, what the different imperfections of the iris means, in relation to the various systems of the body.
live blood analysis
With a small blood sample (a prick of the finger for a single drop), we will observe the current condition of your blood under a microscope. This serves two purposes. It helps you re-evaluate current lifestyle habits to improve upon blood condition. And, also serves as a feedback device. By reviewing blood drops on occasion, you can see the progress of your lifestyle changes.

Through the use of extensive databases and experience, we teach a variety of modalities (Color, Light, Sound and other Frequency Therapy, including Babbit Principals of Light & Color, Spectro-Chrome, Syntonics, LED, Laser, RIFE, Pulsed Laser, Pulsed LED & Pulsed Plasma, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Acupressure, Color-Puncture, Reflexology, EFT and other techniques) that has been shown to be effective for the particular exposed weaknesses.

Throughout this process, Detoxification is at the core of the educational process. All other methods that one uses to heal, are simply adjuncts that can make the process speedier and more comfortable. It cannot be overemphasized that there are no magic bullets. 

The Medical and Holistic industries, by and large, are treatment based industries. You cannot just treat a specific issue that you are having and expect it to remain fixed if you have not made any changes in your lifestyle. Remember, Einstein’s definition of insanity?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.”

If you never change your lifestyle, then you will never have Optimal Health & Longevity. In this case, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, then your symptomologies will keep coming back, and they will get worse, as new obstructions in the digestive tract and lymphatic system are just piling up on top of old obstructions.

As we create a program of techniques to assist with the genetic and lifestyle-created weaknesses, we educate you on the whole process of detoxification. It is a process that must be entered into with conscious awareness. 

An education that we should have had long ago, is required so that you can step into the process, and transition gracefully, and comfortably. Knowledge is power, and this is the knowledge that gives you the power to take back your health from the men/woman in white coats that have never been able to give anyone Optimal Health & Longevity. You can count on them (the men/woman in white coats) to be there for you, as you fall apart, offering more solutions that just increase the problems (side-effects) They will be happy to remove a few parts, as well, … parts that are supposed to be there and functioning properly and optimally.