Iridology is the study of the iris. The colors, pigments, and structure of the surface of the iris reveals information about your body’s internal organs, glands, systems, and skin. Iridology shows where the weaknesses are, allowing you to address root causes, rather than treating symptoms with drugs and surgery. Iridology lets you determine genetic constitution… what is strong and what is weak. Genetic markings in the iris reflect four or more generations of health issues within the family tree.  Genetic predispositions may be discovered which allow you to preemptively take actions, rather than waiting for those medical diagnostics to show “positive” after the problem has already manifested to the point that it is serious.

how we do it

When you schedule a holistic education / coaching session, we will arrange a preliminary appointment just for the purpose of taking the eye photos..

If you are in Ecuador, we will make an appointment for you to come in and have your eye photos taken. When we have our holistic education / coaching sesion we will present the analysis and report. We will give you an education as to what the different structures and markings indicate. photos will be overlaid with a map that will indicate which organs, glands and systems those markings are all about. 

If you are not in Ecuador, we will help you acquire photos of your eyes. We will then review them and create a lesson. The holistic education / coaching session will be conducted via, or other internet video service..

Closeup of Eye

Iridology is one of a host of tools that we use. We will teach you how to see the issues, using your eyes as the subject. With this information, we can develop herbal protocols, light and sound protocols, techniques to address emotional aspects that may be involved, and possibly some supplements, while you begin a new lifestyle of diet (and possibly fasting) so that you can eliminate the obstructions that are at the root of all weaknesses and degeneration.

To get started you can: