Red vs. Near-Infrared Light

The physical effects of NIR (near infrared) and RED (red) light in the body are similar.  The primary difference is that NIR penetrates deeper into the body than RED, meaning the energy reaches cells that RED can’t.  

850 mn NIR
660 nm RED

In spite of this, every treatment with RED benefits the whole of the body. This is because constituents released from the RED radiated cells foster proper function of surrounding cells.  Blood cells also absorb red light. As the blood passes through the area of the body that is being exposed to RED, the absorbed light then travels through the bloodstream and provides the energy equivalent of nourishment to cells throughout the body. Therefore, all RED treatments are beneficial. RED is generally used for surface issues. However, there are circumstances, (i.e. acne) wherein NIR can be used for both the skin and underlying deeper tissues in the body. The wavelengths of RED and NIR that are demonstrated to be the most therapeutic are:

  • RED: 620-700nm
  • NIR: 700-1000nm.

There are some frequencies within these two groups that have been found, clinically, to be the most effective.  The most efficiently absorbed wavelengths of RED are 620nm and 670nm. The most efficiently absorbed wavelengths of NIR are 760nm and 830nm. However, other frequencies seem to be more efficient for specific applications. Many LED devices broadcast multiple wavelengths of RED and NIR. As a practical matter, NIR or NIR+RED is likely the most benefical.  Our devices, both clinical and for sale, are a combination of both RED and NIR.

High Intensity Hand Held Units are excellent for treating local issues like facial complexion, varicose veins, scars, ankles, knees, etc. While, larger units are excellent ways to give a full body treatment.

We use a combination of large and local LED systems with very precisely calculated doses, in order to maximize the therapeutic benefit.

Dosing a full body at lower magnitude, while focusing on local areas with the more intense small lights has proven to be the most effective way to use LED therapy.

Generalized Full Body Session

Even if there are no local issues to address, a full body session with relative frequency, is highly beneficial for overall health and stimulating the healing process for internal issues. RED/NIR fires up the mitochondria (the cells’ engines), creates ATP (the fuel) and so cells can experience mitosis (cell division) more perfectly than can otherwise be accomplished.

Additionally, in a full body session, you will be laying on a FAR-INFRARED tourmaline mat, which further enhances the healing process via cellular level detoxification.

We use RED/NIR sessions in conjunction with our holistic education/coaching session. Book a session today.