Typical Light Therapy Session?

I would open by saying, “In a typical light therapy session…“, But! … there is no typical session. There are some things that we want to provide you as a general rule because some protocols enhance the overall healing process. However, the light protocols that we put together, are based on the data we get from teaching you the use and benefits of various analysis tools, like BioEnergtic Scanning, Iridology, LBA (Live Blood Analysis), Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analysis, general health surveys, and others. 

With these various methods, we find organ weaknesses, glandular weaknesses, system weaknesses, etc. And, on an energy level, we find under-functioning chakra centers and over-functioning chakra centers to seek out appropriate colors for therapeutic purposes and also find emotional blocks that are getting in the way of the physical healing process.

We then develop a protocol, a series of light and sound exposures, that will be the most beneficial. Not only will we employ the recent and incredibly effective phenomenon of LED lights. But we will also add (as needed or benefited) the very powerful SpectroChrome, Syntonics, ColorPuncture, PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field, via plasma tubes and other devices), Far-Infrared Tourmaline Mat, and more. We will suggest and teach the usage of color therapy products, reflexology points, essences, herbs, homeopathic remedies, all of which are vibrational tools, that you can use to enhance your healing experience.