Upon registration you completed a Health Status Survey. A report will be created (based on this survey) upon you setting up an appointment. This report takes into consideration organ, glandular, systemic and genetic weaknesses, and allows one to create an herbal protocol, as well as a determination of other adjunct therapies that will help on the journey of detoxification,

Yes, “detoxification”. Without removing the lifelong accumulation of lymphatic, digestive, and emotional obstructions, nothing that you do will be permanent and bring to you, Optimal Health and Longevity.

You will have to provide eye photos for this part of the appointment. The photos should be sent to us in advance of the appointment so that we can conduct the analysis and provide a graphic overlay of the eye photos.

When you fill out the Health Status Survey, there will be a button to upload your left and right eye photos.

If you are unable to take the photos yourself, we will assist you in finding someone, locally to you, that may be able to provide the photos. You will be responsible for whatever cost there is to obtain those photos.

This will be our educational tool to teach you how to find organ, glandular and systemic weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Together with the Health Status Survey, an herbal protocol, and adjunt therapy advisement will be created and discussed as part of the educational process.

The cost for this package will be the same, with or without the Iridological Review. In the absence of the Iridological Review, we will spend more time with you discussing herbal protocols and other useful adjunct therapies.