Spooky2 GenX Remote Analysis & 24/7 Transmission


Subject DNA will be placed in ISHA Black Box or Stargate-1 for 24/7 analysis and transmission with MetaHunter or 8D NLS for 30 days.



Subject DNA will be placed in ISHA Black Box, Stargate-1 or Spooky2 Remote Unit for analysis and 24/7 transmission for 30 days.

The Remote Device will be chosen based on the type of DNA samples provided.

NLS, Biopulsar and other forms of analysis require that a person is well mineralized and alkalized. The ISHA protocol is recommended for two weeks prior to your scheduled initial analysis.

If  you have not done an initial Remote Analysis, It is recommended to do so before purchasing any items in the store. Do this by setting an appointment on the appointments menu option.


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