what is frequency therapy?

Frequency Therapy is the application of frequencies, via hand-held electrodes, magnetic pads, plasma light tubes, cold laser, or remote DNA transmission. Royal Raymond Rife was the most notable researcher in history, having used his equipment and protocols to eliminate cancer and tuberculosis in a selected group of terminal patients… meeting with 100% success. 

Of course, Morris Fishbein, the chairman of the AMA at the time, did everything in his power to discredit Rife and decimate the acceptance of his technology.

But, now, 100 years later, a small group of loyal researchers has managed to cause a resurgence in the technology. It has advanced significantly over the years, and we would like to offer the experimentation and healing benefits, to further propagate the technology.

RIFING is the application of specific frequencies with the intention of devitalizing, or essentially killing micro-organisms in the body, that are either present with an unwanted dis-ease, or the cause of an unwanted dis-ease.

Since RIFE’s time, many frequency sets have been created, developed or discovered, which do other things besides killing specific pathogens. There are frequencies that improve the function of organs and glands, frequencies that stimulate energy centers… frequencies related to ayurveda, tcm (traditional chinese medicine), acupuncture points and meridian centers… and the list goes on.

There was a large gap (timewise) of ignorance as to how to implement protocols with the original rife frequency sets. Most of today’s equipment actually does not have the capacity to reach the full range of frequencies that Rife experimented with, and found success with. One must dive into all available research, especially that which surfaced in the recent past, in order to find success with RIFE experimentation.

We have a thorough understanding of what works and what doesn’t and we have insured that all of our equipment is capable of reaching the range of the original rife frequency sets. Furthermore, we have delved into newer findings and implementations of frequency work and our equipment supports the latest research and successful experimentation.

Why the Strange Name?

The ability to send frequencies to a person remotely, via DNA modulation, is a technology that is based on “Bell’s Theorem” and the work of Cleve Baxter whose experiments proved the existence of Quantum Entanglement and non-local particle interaction. Or, what Albert Einstein called

spooky action at a distance.”

In the 1950s, the United States Military conducted experiments to see if having someone’s DNA would allow them to cause injury to the person by inflicting toxicity on the DNA. Well, of course, the military isn’t going to find a good use for such a technique. It is always about destruction.

A DNA sample (blood) was placed in a petri dish and the donor resided in the next room. The DNA sample was exposed to radiation, and sure enough, the donor in the next room suffered effects of radiation poisoning. The next round of the experiment was a distance of 25 ft. Still… the same level of radiation poisoning ensued. The next round of the experiment was a distance of 50 ft. Still… the same level of radiation poisoning ensued.

After this experiment, the project became classified as top secret, and no more data was forthcoming.

However, the world (at least those geeks that read such reports) learned that, what is now called “quantum entanglement”, is a reality. It is similar to the experiences of identical twins. They can be on opposite sides of the planet and something that happens to one, is felt or experienced by the other. This is true whether it is physical or emotional.

Spooky2 is a Rife Machine

Well, actually, there is no such thing as a rife machineIn reality, Rife, the man, used frequency generators and broadcasted the frequency by plasma (light) tube. Later, he discovered that the frequencies could be broadcast via metal cylinders that a subject would hold on to, and that it worked equally as well for many applications.

The frequencies are capable of penetrating people, animals, and plants because they are modulated 1)modulation is mixing a single carrier frequency with the other desired frequencies. FM radio is exactly what we are talking about. FM is Frequency Modulation. The music and talk programs are mixed with a carrier frequency… say 92.6 (on your dial, lol). Now anybody with a radio can tune into the carrier frequency (92.6 in this example) and now they can hear the music and talk programs. with radio waves.  Rife discovered that if he broadcasted a frequency that was the same as a particular virus, microbe, parasite or any other microorganism, it would cause the destruction of the organism, almost immediately upon contact. He called the kill frequency the Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR) of that particular microbe or parasite.

Since RIFE’s time, other researchers found that frequencies could be applied, that do not attempt to destroy parasites, but instead, stimulate tissue and healing processes of the body. This could be done by direct or local application of frequencies.

Spooky2 Language

In the realm of the Spooky2 equipment, we have terminology for several modes of delivering frequencies.

  • contact mode
  • remote mode

Contact Mode can provide faster results in fewer treatments, but for those who live far away, the remote mode is very effective and convenient. Contact Mode is simply holding onto a set of cylinders or plates to receive the frequencies. There are times when the original method of broadcasting the frequencies from a plasma tube (light bulb) is more effective, either by itself or in tandem with contacts.

Remote Mode 

Albert Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance” is modern physics’ “quantum entanglement“.

This principle is as follows:

if any part of a single system is removed from that system to a different location, any action performed on the part will also be instantaneously performed on the parent system, and vice versa.

Your fingernail, blood, or hair is a part of your single system… It holds your DNA signature. This DNA sample can be placed on the Spooky2 unit and whatever frequencies the fingernail receives, will also be received by you no matter where you are. It wouldn’t even matter if you were on Pluto or in another galaxy. This quantum physics reality defies our old concept of physics.

Your DNA is in every cell in your body. So, every cell in your body receives the frequencies.

Without going into the quantum physics details of scalar waves;

The helical nature of DNA makes it a perfect antenna, transmitter, and receiver. We wouldn’t be living if it weren’t for this phenomenon. It is the core of our physical existence. DNA in the “remote” (remote is the name for the plate that holds your DNA sample) receives the audio frequencies from the generator. These are encoded (or modulated) with your DNA Signature onto scalar waves and transmitted into non-locality (this is the place beyond our comprehension wherein time and space is irrelevant).

The DNA in the body receives the scalar waves, decodes the audio frequencies (remember… your DNA signature is the modulation frequency, like 92.6 in our earlier example). So, all of our intended frequencies are received throughout the body. The body is 75% electrolyzed salt water. Virtually every human cell, save for mature blood cells & hair shafts, contain DNA, So your body is inundated with the audio frequencies.

Remote Mode tends to take longer than Contact Mode. However, there are many disorders that would require a person to be living on Contact Mode day in and day out for a very long time. This is a very impractical proposition. Remote Mode can have the programs running around the clock and hastens the results because of it. In addition, Contact Mode can be used periodically… either daily, or weekly, to further hasten progress.

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1. modulation is mixing a single carrier frequency with the other desired frequencies. FM radio is exactly what we are talking about. FM is Frequency Modulation. The music and talk programs are mixed with a carrier frequency… say 92.6 (on your dial, lol). Now anybody with a radio can tune into the carrier frequency (92.6 in this example) and now they can hear the music and talk programs.

Jeff Sutherland has been analyzing and creating very sophisticated and well thought out frequency sets for many of the conditions and microbes that plague recent times. In particular, he has a very well thought out Lymes protocol which insures that the smaller hosted microbes are destroyed before the actual host microbes which house the smaller microbes. This prevents the bloodstream from becoming flooded with decaying microbes. This is important so as to prevent the misery of the Herxheimer effect.

He has developed many other protocols as well, and we employ his knowledge and experiences in our own efforts.

If you are interested in experimenting to reap the benefit of these technologies, feel free to schedule an appointment or consult for Experimental Frequency Therapy.