SpectroChrome is the application of color filters of specific ranges of frequency, that have a physiological impact. It can be compared to the concept of applying blue light to newborn babies to remove jaundice conditions. That was the tip of the ice-berg, but financial and political agendas kept any further application from coming into use in the hospitals and clinics around the world. After all, we can’t go replacing drugs. If we did, there would be nothing left for the industry to sell! (Sad but true).

In the 1930s, a hospital in Philadelphia began employing light therapy for emergencies and surgical recoveries. The first application of light by the chief surgeon was on a young girl brought in with 3rd-degree burns over most of her body. She had been written off as not saveable. So, the chief surgeon, who had just learned of SpectroChrome, and had the equipment available, gave it a try in desperation to help the girl. In a matter of hours, the girl was pain-free, and she had expedited recovery time from the burns. After that first light treatment, the pain never returned.

The developer of SpectroChrome developed a full encyclopedia of symptom sets and color protocols to go with them. Small underground practitioners have kept this art alive for all these years.

I have used SpectroChrome personally for quite some time. And, I am happy to share it with those that wish to join our Private Member Association. 



When Syntonics was first developed, it was out of the discovery that the absorption of certain colors had a physiological impact on the eyes. However, after some time passed, it became evident that physiological effects were occurring throughout the body.

Syntonics, therefore, is the technique and the name we give therapy that is based on color light received through the eyes. We use a simple syntonic device in the office to deliver a series of colors based upon what research has shown to be effective for over/under-functioning glands, organs, etc.

It is really an extension of SpectroChrome. The actual SpectroChrome colors are often used for this therapy.

Besides, in-office therapeutic visits, there are optical glasses that can be taken home. The colors of the glasses are specific ranges of frequency that has been found to be most beneficial.